Sylvester Housing Authority (SHA) has arranged for Astro Exterminating Services to resume face to face Monthly Pest Control in all developments owed by the SHA beginning August 5, 2020. Currently, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, SHA staff will not be accompanying the pest control technicians during pest control; however, the technicians will be able to gain access to your unit to perform pest control services. Due to COVID-19, Astro’s technicians have been educated on the guidelines and practices recommended by the CDC prior to entering your unit. You may be present during this service, but your presence is not required; management has given Astro the right to enter your unit. There is no specific time when a technician will come to your unit, but it will be during normal business hours on the day of your inspection. Screen doors should not be locked the day of the Pest Control.

If your household has came into contact with the COVID-19 virus, please contact our office prior to your pest control service so that we can inform the technician not to enter your unit.

As a reminder, below is your monthly Pest Control schedule:

  • Warwick’s Pest Control is conducted the 1st Wednesday of each month
  • Sylvester’s Pest Control is conducted the 2nd Wednesday of each month

Even though SHA staff will not be accompanying the Pest Control technicians, technicians will be monitoring residents’ housekeeping standards and reporting to management any units with housekeeping issues. Afterward, management will be contacting residents concerning any housekeeping issues.

Sylvester Housing Authority’s Housekeeping Standards remains the same and violation of our Housekeeping Standards is a lease violation.

Housekeeping Inspections:     Under the regulation of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), all public housing authorities are required to conduct Housekeeping Inspections on all housing properties. Housekeeping inspections are to ensure that the housing units are decent, safe, and sanitary.