Sylvester Housing Authority Agency Plan 2017 II – The 5-Year and Annual PHA Plans provide a ready source for interested parties to locate basic PHA policies, rules, and requirements concerning the PHA’s operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families served by the PHA, and members of the public of the PHA’s mission, goals and objectives for serving the needs of low-income, very low-income, and extremely low-income families. DOWNLOAD

Sylvester Housing Authority 5yr Plan – Identify the PHA’s quantifiable goals and objectives that will enable the PHA to serve the needs of low-income and very low-income, and extremely low-income families for the next five years. Include a report on the progress the PHA has made in meeting the goals and objectives described in the previous 5 Year Plan. DOWNLOAD

Sylvester Housing Authority Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS)DOWNLOAD

Residential Garbage Curbside Collection Policy – Keeping your home and neighborhood nice and clean is important for residents of Sylvester Housing Authority. It clearly states in your Dwelling Lease not to litter the ground or common areas of the property and to keep the dwelling unit and any other areas assigned for the resident’s exclusive use in a clean and safe condition. Part of keeping the neighborhood nice and clean includes removing curbside garbage can containers from the side of the road on the days that the garbage is not being collected. Garbage cans should not become a nuisance in your neighborhood. Residents are responsible to educating their household members and guests about keeping the grounds clean. DOWNLOAD

Sylvester Housing Authority Collection Policies – To establish policies for the payment of rent and other charges by tenants so that they will be aware of their responsibilities for timely payment and so that they will be aware of the consequences of nonpayment. DOWNLOAD