Interested families may apply by completing and submitting a pre-application form. The pre-application form may be downloaded here or you can come into the AMP’S office and pick up an application.

Once we receive the completed application form, our office will enter your information into the waiting list database. Your application will be placed on the waiting list. This will be your first step in establishing housing, based on the information you provided on the application form. You are required to update this information if you move, change jobs, or add or delete family members.

Depending on the applications volume, you may be asked right away to complete the application, or, when the Property Manager estimates that an apartment will be available for you within approximately 30 days. At this appointment, you will be expected to provide documentation such as picture identification, social security cards and birth certificates for all household members. You will also need to provide proof of income such as recent paycheck stubs, letters from agencies providing financial support such as the Social Security Administration, and other documentation necessary to confirm income and family composition. At this time, you will sign an authorization for release of information that will allow our office to conduct checks to verify your income, your criminal background check, and to obtain a credit check.

AMP1 Pre-Applcation

AMP2 Pre-Application

Rural Development Application

Public Housing Lease